Dev Journal

How Kontax Cam was built inside a tiny little room in Melbourne, Australia.

It was one fine evening - I was laying in bed thinking what I could possibly do knowing that in a few weeks, I'll be graduating from my University and finally get my degree.


I've always in love with photography. Ever since I started iOS development, I've always wanted to create some sort of a photography tool to create a unique and aesthetic photo, and possibly share it with the world.

Now there are heaps of photo-editing tools out there. So creating one would be redundant! Hence why I started to do research into an instant camera-based application.


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I tend to approach my UI in a minimalistic manner. I love minimalist design principles and I think if used correctly, it is a very beautiful and elegant thing.

Kontax Cam was built around minimalism and simplicity. My main goal was to allow users to capture a gorgeous photo as quickly and easily as possible.


Taken with #kontaxcam

I'm not an expert. Heck, I just graduated! But armed with gen-z mind and creativity, I was determined to do my best. I built Kontax Cam in a span of ~2 to 3 months give or take.

It's quite a long journey since it was an on and off project due to final year in Uni and my love with procrastination. But after tons of japanese city pop and jazz fusion songs later, I managed to finish the app.


Taken with #kontaxcam

For my very first big project, I'm quite happy with how in turned out. I still can't believe I did this all by myself!

Now this is nowhere to be finished, and I will of course be adding more features, effects, filters, fixes and awesome stuff in the future! If you are willing to help, got some cool ideas, wanted to add your filters, don't hesitate to contact me.

Kontax Cam

Designed and built with love in Melbourne, Australia

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