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The instant camera hybrid app for creative people and photographers.

Minimalist instant camera app optimised for any iOS device. Built with precision and love, Kontax Cam provides custom real film effects and filters to emulate 35mm film footage, while allowing photographers to blend in digital aspects to make a unique masterpiece.

New feature

Kontax Editor

Import your own photo taken outside the app and edit it with Kontax Cam's very own filters and effects.

Handpicked premium filters

Kontax Cam provides filter collections that are made from emulating both classic film stocks and digital camera artifacts. Experiment with different combinations to create your own filter and effects combo!

Carefully crafted effects

Kontax Cam believes that every photographer should define their own style of art. With that in mind, Kontax Cam delivers a handful amount of effects to make your photo looks unique.

Why you'll love
Kontax Cam

Multiple lens support

If your iPhone supports the telephoto or wide-angle lens, Kontax Cam is smart enough to enable you to utilise them to its extend.

Simple and minimal

Kontax Cam is built around minimalism and simplicity design. That way, we can ensure that the user's experience and photo creation will always be the headline.

Multi action

The lab is powerful enough to provides multiple save and delete of images. Lesser time organising your photos, more time taking your masterpiece.


Kontax Cam is designed for human. Hence your masterpiece - is just but a tap and swipe away.

iOS 14 Widget

Kontax Cam supports iOS 14 widgets by showcasing your beautiful masterpiece into your homescreen, directly from your lab.

Volume button trigger

Tired of pressing the big ol' shutter button? Kontax Cam allows you to snap your masterpiece by just pressing the volume up/down button.

Light/Dark mode

By default Kontax Cam follows the system's appearance. However, you can pick either a light or dark mode in the settings page!

Your own adjustment choice

Adjust the exposure with a swipe up or down, or simply just tap anywhere on the camera screen to auto focus/exposure.

Shake to report the bug!

Spot a bug? Shake it so that we could squash them for ya!

One lab to rule them all

Your very own, privacy first, images lab. Just like the iconic darkroom for film photographers, we provide you with Lab - the place for all of your masterpiece.

Kontax Cam

Designed and built with love in Melbourne, Australia

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